Cyberpunk 2077 Cosplay contest – FAQ

Cyberpunk 2077 Cosplay contest – FAQ

Get inspired by the world of Cyberpunk 2077 and take part in one of the biggest cosplay contests ever!

Which character can I cosplay as?

You can create a cosplay of any Cyberpunk 2077 character, as long as they appeared in official promotional materials released for the game. These include artworks, screenshots, trailers, gameplay videos, as well as cosplay character guides.

Can I create a female cosplay of a male character and vice versa, cosplay as a character of a different skin tone than mine, etc.?

As long as it’s not hurtful, offensive, or in the case of offline qualifiers — will not go against an event’s rules and regulations, then yes, absolutely! Please remember, however, that the costume itself has to be as authentic as possible, meaning only technical modifications, for example, to make it fit your body shape, are allowed.

How much of the costume must be hand-made by me?

You can either create items from scratch or modify clothing or apparel you bought to match a character’s visual. Entering the contest using a pre-made purchased costume is not allowed.

Can I ask my friends or teammates for help in creating the cosplay?

You can work on a costume as a group. Keep in mind, though, that only the person cosplaying the character will be able to enter the contest and be eligible to receive prizes.

Are group submissions allowed?

Entering the contest as a group is not possible. Each contest entry equals 1 person cosplaying a single Cyberpunk 2077 cosplay.

What if an element of a character’s design is obscured from view on official assets — can I get creative?

Sure, as long as what you come up with doesn’t stray from that character’s overall design. You can also look at other Cyberpunk 2077 characters than the one you’re cosplaying and base the element you’re missing on that.

Can I add custom cyberware/a personal touch on top of an authentic-looking cosplay? Can I change the color of the costume or its elements?

Your cosplay needs to be as authentic as possible in regards to how the character you’re cosplaying looks in the game. This also includes the colors of the costume and all of its elements. However, in the case of V, you can do custom haircuts, makeup, and cyberware composition, as long as the costume is on point setting-wise.

Offline qualifiers are taking place during game industry events — will I need a ticket?

You will need a ticket to enter the convention center complex hosting the event where the offline qualifier will take place. This does not apply to the PAX West offline qualifier, which will be held at an offsite location. More information regarding this will be made available at a later date.

Are weapons/props allowed? Will including them in my cosplay affect the evaluation in any way?

If you consider a particular item an integral part of the look of the character you’re cosplaying as, you can make it and use it as a prop in your cosplay. They’ll be considered a plus in the evaluation of your craftsmanship, but for authenticity, we are only judging the costume.

If you plan on appearing with a prop, especially a weapon-shaped one, at an offline qualifier, please make sure its design follows the rules and regulation of the event the offline qualifier will be hosted at.

Can I participate in both online and offline qualifiers?

You can participate in both online and offline qualifiers. If you managed to come out victorious in an offline qualifier event, however, your online qualifiers submission will no longer compete for a spot in the Grand Finale.

Can I participate in another offline qualifier if I already won a previous one?

If you managed to secure a spot in the Grand Finale via participation in one of the offline qualifiers, you cannot participate in another offline qualifier. That said, you can still attend the event where an offline qualifier is taking place in costume and cheer other participants on!

What does presenting your cosplay at an offline qualifier involve?

We will ask contestants to do a catwalk and some poses — just how elaborate you’ll choose to make your appearance during these is up to you.

Will the offline qualifier take place throughout the whole event it’s part of, i.e. over the course of several days?

Each offline qualifier will play out in its entirety during a single day. We will announce which day that will be, as well as what time the qualifier will begin closer to the event taking place.

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