Three personal fpp presets of First Person Perspective Height Increase mod by remagainst which is a tweak of Sarunama’s awesome TPP mod.Check out screenshots and vids for more info.

Three custom camera presets of First Person Perspective Height Increase mod by remagainst.

Fps Re-Angled – Personal preset based around angled ironsights and changing the camera position to be relative to V’s shouldering his weapon.Best used with the fov set to 80.

Fps Alternative Re-Angled – Repositioned version of Re-angled preset, is technically v2 but figured I’d just make it an alternative.Best used with the fov set to 60,70,80.

High Re-Positioned – Retweaked version of the default First Person Perspective Height Increase mod camera preset.Best used with a fov from 80 to 110.

Recommend using the car fov changer with this mod.

Notes :If you decide to use the High Re-Positioned preset then I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you use the fliing trainer or a cheat table to enable super accuracy which will give hip firing the same accuracy as if you were aiming down sights.

Mod Conflicts:
Not entirely sure but jb jacket sleeves mod may have a conflict which may make your randomly head appear, I’m trying to figure out how to fix it myself but haven’t found a solution yet.

How to install:Install Cyber Engine Tweaks if you haven’t already and unzip the contents of the preset of choice into (Cyberpunk Folder)/bin/x64/plugins/cyber_engine_tweaks/mods

How to use the mod:
Press B to cycle between the standard camera and the updated camera when ingame.Has to be done every time the game is started/loaded.

Mr Wolf

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