How to add knockoff Smart Targeting to Johnny’s Gun

How to add knockoff Smart Targeting to Johnny’s Gun

Basically using a save editor to add constants to edit the Malorian Arm’s ricochet stuff and such. Could work with any ricochet gun really.

hi there, I’ve never uploaded to nexus so if this whole thing looks funky im sorry but also not sorry.

Also in order for this to work when you’ve done all the do that you do from this tutorial, you kinda gotta hit a wall or the ground or something for it to really work. Hence the name “knockoff.”

– This cool looking save editor:  PixelRick/CyberpunkSaveEditor · GitHub

Aight so side note, if I were you I’d make a backup of your save. Unless you wanna live on the edge, then do that I guess.

1 – Open up your save file.
2 – Go over to inventories, then select whichever inventory you threw that gun into.
3 – Find your funny Johnny Gun “Items.Preset_Silverhand_3516” (I’ve got two in here, don’t worry about that). Open up that bad boy and look under —-Stats—-
You’ll see a couple “constants” already there.
4 – Add a new constant, find the statType “RicochetTargetSearchAngle,” then set the value to 360. No clue if it needs to be 360 but it works, I guess.
5 – Do the same for “RicochetMaxAngle.”
6 – Save that bad boy.
7 – Grab some water because you’re probably thirsty.
8 – Enjoy the funny knockoff smart weapon.

Oh and if you wanna do other stuff like making it shoot two bullets at once, I’d recommend checking out this dude’s guide.


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