Jumping and Driving Off A Skyscraper (PC Save File)

Jumping and Driving Off A Skyscraper (PC Save File)

Level 50/Street Cred 50, some legendary weapons, 1k clothes, 1k max

This is a simple PC save the file right at the start of the game when you begin free roam.  It’s right before going back to meet Jackie at the very start of the game.  The character has all th22222e clothes available to wear in your skydiving adventures.

It weighs a lot so eventually, you’ll want to store them in your apartment, car, or disassemble the ones you don’t like for parts if you plan to play with this character.  Or you can add a mod that increases your carrying capacity if you know how to do that by launching Cyber Engine Tweaks and pasting this in the console:
Game.ModStatPlayer(“CarryCapacity”, “5000”)

It doesn’t save that permanently though so you have to do it each time you launch the game, unfortunately.

Character Stats:
Level 50/Street Cred 50, some legendary weapons, 1k clothes, 1k max doc.3’s, maxed out stats.


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