Skylab New York-Lost Highways Reshade

Skylab New York-Lost Highways Reshade

This Reshade gives the game a balanced sense of vibrancy by raising the saturation levels of colors, rendering better lights, DOF, and custom color grading. Anything within your immediate vicinity is still razor-sharp.

Bring more atmosphere to the world of Cyberpunk.
This gives Night City and its outlying areas a sense of life by balancing color saturation, custom light settings, DOF, and a brand new color scheme I call “Lost Highways”. My “Lost Highways” Reshade will bring a sense of atmosphere to any empty or crowded street. If you want a slight cinematic look to the game then this is preset is for you. Have a look at the screenshots

If you’re running Raytracing, then this Reshade will make your game look even better. “Lost Highways” looks great at all hours of the game’s day/night cycle. Reflections from neon lights, signs, vehicle lights, etc will look and feel more vibrant. I removed the washed-out look of the game by making lights and shadows more realistic.

I recommend that you adjust the game’s gamma using the”gamma correction” setting. My Cyberpunk 2077 in-game gamma is set to 1.08, my monitor gamma is set to 2.2. I run my game pretty much on high settings with no ray-trace because of my card.

This Reshade affects the following:
Better DOF
I didn’t like how the buildings in Cyberpunk were always so sharp from a distance. This mod gives the city a sense of depth with better DOF. Now buildings and objects will look like they have presence and weight even from a distance. This effect is noticeable for all objects and scenes in the distance. Anything within your immediate vicinity is still razor-sharp. The effect is calculated by affecting objects that are beyond a certain distance from the player.
Better Sun/Object Glare
There should be more glare from buildings, and concrete when sunlight hits these objects. This Reshade will also affect your character’s eyes when walking from a dark/dimly lit area into a brighter area. Sunrise, mid-day, and sunsets are all now more realistic.
Better Neon Lights
All light sources, especially neon lights are more vibrant and help make Cyberpunk feel more alive.
Color Grading
The game by default has a washed-out tone to it. I added my own color values to bring a balanced sense of mood and atmosphere to the game.

It’s recommended that you turn off “Depth of Field” in the game options as this mod has its own version. If you like, you can also toggle the “Lens Flare” option on/off in your game settings.

Skylab New York

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