Use C to Cancel / Close UI(PC-Steam)

Use C to Cancel / Close UI(PC-Steam)

I’m a PC Player and it was annoying have to hit ESCape to close UI and messages from the game, removing my hand over WASD keys. People on CDPR are busy atm and this is a easy customization.IMPORTANT
It was a personal modification that I´m sharing with you guys. Adding a xml entity “<button id=”IK_C” />” where the escape button appers. By the way, C key is for troggeable Crounch, but Escape key is more used in close painels or Pause Game. I think wont affect gameplay and I´m already using it and I’m happy with that. “Even the Pause Menu is closed with C”Installation

You ll replace a file “inputUserMappings.xml” from ” steamapps\common\Cyberpunk 2077\r6\config” and it is advised to back up it first.

Unzip and replace de “inputUserMappings.xml” with this one and it ll be fine.Note:
English is not my primary language. Sorry for typos.


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