Drive Like My Grandmother.

Drive Like My Grandmother.

Just a simple file editing that now allows you to drive around Night City like an elderly person.

How it works? SIMPLE!!!

Hold [W] and the car drives really slow…like, REALLY slow!

In a hurry? Hold [Left Shift] and unleash all the power that your machine has to offer!
If the car your are driving is taking forever to start moving (trucks and heavy cars), give [Left Shift] little taps.


Pressing [A] and [D] now is much less…responsive? Yes…less abrupt. (making tight turns can be trick now. Plan your angle carefully.)

Brakes were also tuned so when you press [S] the car wont stop as fast.
Need a brake faster? Use [SPACE] in conjunction with [S].

PS: As you may have noticed…English is not my native language, so excuse any gramatical erros.


Extract the .zip anywere;
Go to C:\…\Cyberpunk 2077\r6\config
and replace the file “inputUserMappings” provided by this mod with the existing one.
Don’t forget to make a backup first!

Here the lines I altered, just in case you are using an already moded file:

<mapping name=”Acceleration_Axis” type=”Axis” >
<button id=”IK_Pad_RightTrigger” />
<button id=”IK_W” val=”0.2″ overridableUI=”vehicleAccelerate”/>
<button id=”IK_LShift” val=”1.0″ overridableUI=”vehicleAccelerate”/>
<mapping name=”Deceleration_Axis” type=”Axis” >
<button id=”IK_Pad_LeftTrigger” />
<button id=”IK_S” val=”0.4″ overridableUI=”vehicleDecelrate”/>

<mapping name=”LeftX_Axis_Vehicle” type=”Axis” >
<button id=”IK_Pad_LeftAxisX” />
<button id=”IK_D” val=”0.6″ overridableUI=”vehicleSteerRight”/>
<button id=”IK_A” val=”-0.6″ overridableUI=”vehicleSteerLeft”/>


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