Kill Counter

Kill Counter

redscriptThis mod adds a kill counter to you “Stats” menu, that lets you see how many enemies have you killed, executed, defeated or just taken out from stealth.It is a must have for a truly pacifist playthrough, where your aim is not to kill anyone. However, this mod only tracks enemy/police kills, not civilians (because the game only tracks kills on them), so keeping an eye on your wanted level is your best option to see if you accidentally killed one. That, or just don’t throw explosives everywhere.These stats are already tracked and saved by the game, this mod only adds a way to view them. So installing/uninstalling in the middle of a playthrough it does not affect the value of these stats.Stat explanations:
Kills: Pretty self-explanatory, the number of enemies you killed
Executed: The number of already defeated, helpless, and sometimes unconscious enemies you decided to execute for profit and XP.
Defeated (Non-Lethal): The number of enemies you defeated in combat without killing them. This does include the ones you later execute.
Incapacitated (Non-Lethal): The number of enemies you incapacitated in or out of combat. Does include the stat above.
Total Enemies Disposed: The total number of enemies you disposed of, without counting duplicates.
Disposed With Melee: The number of enemies disposed with melee weapons.
Disposed With Ranged: The number of enemies disposed with ranged weapons.The total number of killed or incapacitated enemies (Kills + Incapacitated – Executed) does not equal the total number of enemies disposed. Maybe the difference is accounted by “killing” robots, maybe its some bug, but these are the stats as collected by the game.Installation:
Copy the “KillCounter.reds” file into “Cyberpunk 2077/r6/scripts”. Extracting the archive to the root of the game, should do the same thing.Uninstallation:
Delete the “KillCounter.reds” file from “Cyberpunk 2077/r6/scripts”.


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