NCPD spawn tweak

NCPD spawn tweak

redscriptFrom what I understood, the NCPD doesn’t care for a few citizens’ death, so it’s only natural they don’t send reinforcement to the scene for “minor” crimes. Without reinforcement (spawning new NCPD units), V will still get attacked by NCPD forces nearby when they see you; and at higher wanted level, NCPD will send units quicker (i.e., spawn closer to V and more frequenctly).You can open the .reds in the mod and change the Config setting. Say, you already want reinforcement at 1 stars or higher and spawn closer at higher levels less frequently, you can edit the first part of the mod topublic class NCPD_Spawn_Config {
public static func MinHeatLevelToSpawnNCPD() -> Int32 = 1 public static func SpawnDistance_HeatLevel_1() -> Float = 2.0
public static func SpawnDistance_HeatLevel_2() -> Float = 2.0
public static func SpawnDistance_HeatLevel_3() -> Float = 1.2
public static func SpawnDistance_HeatLevel_4() -> Float = 1.0 public static func SpawnFrequency_HeatLevel_1() -> Float = 2.0
public static func SpawnFrequency_HeatLevel_2() -> Float = 1.0
public static func SpawnFrequency_HeatLevel_3() -> Float = 0.9
public static func SpawnFrequency_HeatLevel_4() -> Float = 0.8
}The last eight parameters are multiplier to the vanilla spawn distance and interval settings.I only share this cuz I made it anyway, so don’t expect me to add featuresI paired this with a bunch of mods like Corrupt NCPD and Huteck Economy Rebalance for a lore friendly gameplay, and HARDCORE22 so everyone dies equally. There’re some fixes for HARDCORE22 I made myself based on the comment sections, and IMO those are necessary for better immersion, so DIY if you’re interestedInstallation:
just drag the file to the Cyberpunk game folder (*make sure you see the folder r6 before dropping)Conflict:
If there’s a conflict between this mod and another, uninstall first, make a save (just in case), reinstall the mod, and then change the name of this mod to something like “z_Better NCPD Spawn.reds”. If there’s still a conflict, feel free to ask, but no guarantee there’ll be an answer


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