Street Kid Male V Save close to 8MB

Street Kid Male V Save close to 8MB

This is my save file which is around 7.4 MB and loading very slowly. I have used the item duplication glitch on multiple items, and I have been doing quite a bit of crafting (probably how I got here). I have no idea where the save is in the main storyline as I haven’t finished the game yet. As a note, I have been playing with CyberEngineTweaks mod.

I am only uploading this at the request of some users I have seen on forums that want a large save file to test with. Don’t spoil the game for me, and let me play that game how I want. If my using glitches and exploits bothers you, just move on. I have used Cheat Engine to give myself more Attribute and Perk Points than normally possible. I have no idea how my changes impact the save file size or any potential fixes.


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