System-EX is a mod that allows you to wear Cyberdeck and Operating System (Sandevistan / Berserk) at the same time.Usage
System-EX integrates into the Ripperdoc and Hub > Cyberware menus.
The mod expands the number of Operating System slots from 1 to 2.You can install one Cyberdeck and one Operating System at the same time.
You cannot install Sandevistan and Berserk at the same time.Installation
1. Install redscript.
2. Download the release archive.
3. Extract it into the Cyberpunk 2077 installation folder.You should have “/r6/scripts/SystemEx” directory now.Acknowledgements
— jekky, flib and all redscript contributors
— yamashi, WSSDude420, Sombra, Expired and all Cyber Engine Tweaks team
— RED Modding tools, WopsS, rfuzzo, Gibbed, PixelRick and all researchers
— CP77 Modding Community Discord


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