The HP Body – Hand Sculpted Hi-Polygon (HD) Body with Custom Clothes

The HP Body – Hand Sculpted Hi-Polygon (HD) Body with Custom Clothes

I designed The HP Body with one thing in mind: to create a more realistic and attractive female body model for Cyberpunk.
Cyberpunk modding has come a long way since it first started. We now have access to all sorts of unique and interesting things. you could spend weeks sorting thru the huge selection of mods designed to add more freedom, and more choices when creating your V.Custom hair, makeup, eyes. Custom Hi-Res skin textures. Tattoos, Jewelry, Accessories. Mountains of custom clothes and shoes and… NO custom bodies?? This mod aims to fix that! I spent far more hours than I should probably admit hand shaping every aspect of this body. The result is a one of a kind new body for your female V.How?
Starting with the prostitute body, I went into Blender (mesh editing software) and began to custom model every aspect of the body. when i went to re shape the breasts it occurred to me that the CP body model simply did not have the resolution that I required. So I upped the polygon count to a modest 4x that of Vanilla and continued working (a 16x Polygon count version is in the planning stages, because why not?)What?
Over 4x the polygon count of the vanilla body for a smoother shape and higher detail over the entire body
Larger breasts. Completely unique, they were designed to have a far more realistic shape and weight than vanilla
Narrower waist, wider hips, flatter stomach and custom 3d abs
Fit and Toned legs and buttox, completely hand sculpted.
Fully 3D nipples and genitals
Custom shaped high heel feet
Specially refit clothing including several one of a kind items that are not available anywhere else
Designed to combine seamlessly with Better ClothesInstallation:
Extract the zip file to your main cyberpunk game folder. or use Vortex.Current Clothing Item List
teen shorts – Game.AddToInventory(“Items.FormalPants_01_basic_01”,1)
valentino cutoffs – Game.AddToInventory(“Items.Shorts_01_old_02”,1)
Wicker (Zipper) Shorts – Game.AddToInventory(“Items.Shorts_03_old_01”,1)
tank belly – Game.AddToInventory(“Items.Shirt_01_old_01”,1)
mini dress – Game.AddToInventory(“Items.TShirt_01_basic_01”,1)
band-aid pasties – Game.AddToInventory(“Items.TShirt_02_basic_01”,1)
one-shoulder top – Game.AddToInventory(“Items.TShirt_03_old_02”,1)
bodysuit – Game.AddToInventory(“Items.TShirt_04_old_03”,1)
mini top – Game.AddToInventory(“Items.TShirt_08_basic_02”,1)
boneweave bra – Game.AddToInventory(“Items.Undershirt_02_basic_01”,1)
bustier – Game.AddToInventory(“Items.Undershirt_03_basic_01”,1)
Black Thigh-Highs – Game.AddToInventory(“Items.FormalShoes_03_basic_01”,1)
Cyberkitsch boots – Game.AddToInventory(“Items.Boots_02_old_02”,1) Disclaimer: This is a Beta release, its is a WIP. I am still very much learning this stuff. dont expect everything to be perfect. especially at first. Clothing options are limited right now, and to be clear you will have to wear the custom tops, nothing else will fit. most bottoms should work still. some will clip though (there will be lots more coming soon!), there will probably be minor clipping issues with tattoos and clothes. Right now the clothes are replacer only but expect most custom items to be converted to stand-aloneWho?
Special thanks to:
Ladybella aka UserDomainErrors for creating the files to nullify the normal textures on the body, and also helping with testing and overall moral support.
AllKnowingLion for volunteering to teach himself to use CSVMerge and or its replacement in order to make the custom clothing options stand alone (he is still learning. dont worry. its coming!) As well as general moral support and testing. And letting me use some of his pictures
dthfckr for helping to keep the project going with ideas and suggestions, help obtaining the proper software and generally being the projects #1 fan. Also for testing and moral support.
Thanks to nim and gorefiend for answering loads of dumb questions. and helping out whenever i asked!
and finally the entire CP2077 Modding Discord for being an all around pack of cool people. And CDPR for making this awesome game!When?
What to look forward to and a ballpark idea of when:
More clothes. this is ongoing I will be doing my best to bring you as many awesome custom fit and one-off clothes as fast as possible!
Body Improvements and general bugfixing. also ongoing. I am busy however so please be patient with me 😉
HP-Lite. All the same hi-poly goodness but fits regular clothes! I will be focusing on the main body, at least for the beta period.
16x body model for even more computer-crushing feminine goodness! Soonish. likely after most of my other mods have been updated.
stand alone clothing. as soon as Lion and I can learn the requisite software requirements
Custom rig and textures. Also requires me learning how to do them. or perhaps enlisting some help from smitten fans 😉


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