High jump Long jump and Khop AutoHotkey Script

High jump Long jump and Khop AutoHotkey Script

AutoHotkey Scripts which enable you to jump very high and very long + k-hop.

The movement exploits in Cyberpunk can all be performed with a keyboard or game pad, but they are cumbersome, tiring and require practising the skill to perform consistently. That’s why I decided to implement them with AutoHotkey in this script.
After a lot of trial and error I have found a good timing and order of executing the keystrokes. Then I discovered that the results are significantly better than doing it by hand. After testing a lot I have concluded that it is impossible to achieve such good results manually. The scripts are simple, but finding the timing took a while and that’s why I’m proud of my achievement.
Movement exploits in general

If you don’t know what is AutoHotkey the following info is for you:
You don’t really need to understand AutoHotkey to use the script – you can just install it, load the script and run it.
Don’t forget to close the script after you close the game, because sometimes it may trigger outside the game which is very annoying. Be careful about that.
AutoHotkey is not very difficult and you may need to modify some values depending on your cyberware anyways. Also by understanding it’s basic scripting you can modify and make these scripts yourself, which is very fun and can be applied to almost any game! But do NOT use it for cheating online games or speed runs, because it’s immoral and it will get you banned!

About my script

Currently I have implemented the following movement combos:
K-hop – stacks dodges in bullet time to obtain the speed and maintains auto-jump to keep momentum while the key is pressed.
K-hop Cyberware Requirements: Needs “Kereznikov” – it’s very important to check which one you have because the higher grades REQUIRE you to modify the script timing in order to work. Please read about that in the script’s comments. By default it works with the cheapest and earliest one. I’ll try to make it universal for all grades in the future – check for update about that later.
K-hop Controls: Hold “F4” and release to stop.
High Jump: executes power jump + air dodge + optional second power jump if you tap Space. For some unknown reason the timing of this script makes the jump at least 30% higher than possible manually and it is AMAZING!
High Jump Cyberware Requirements: “Fortified Ankles” and “Manoeuvring System”.
High Jump Controls: Control + Space while moving (WASD) or F3 without moving. Optionally press Space in the end to chain a second power jump.
Long Jump aka K-jump: executes k-hop boost + power jump + air dodge + optional second power jump if you tap Space.  This is executed from a standstill position enabling you to align yourself precisely before the jump. It cannot be done while moving though – stop and release any movement keys (WASD) before executing.
Long Jump Cyberware Requirements: “Kereznikov”, “Fortified Ankles” and “Manoeuvring System”.
Long Jump Controls: Press F1. Optionally press Space in the end to chain a second power jump. Second variant uses F2 which is k-hump only so you can stop mid-air with backwards dodge.
For more info and updates it is best to read my comments inside the script, which I keep updated while I write it. The text in this blog post will get updates only when I have time and if I don’t forget.

Please remember to open the script with a text editor and refer to the comments inside explaining its usage and configuration in detail.
This script was tested with Cyberpunk 2077 version 1.06. I haven’t tested on any other version.


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